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Teaching Resources


UCRs the Study of Religion Department offers graduate students exciting, hands-on, pedagogical training throughout their doctoral studies. To help support that, the University offers a wide range of resources and support for pedagogy.

https://teaching.ucr.edu/ contains a robust list of teaching resources, including support for designing and developing physical and remote classrooms. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, these resources now include training resources for remote instructional tools such as Zoom, YuJa, and Canvas. Faculty can also request teaching assistance directly via the XCITE support form.

https://ontherise.ucr.edu/ contains information about designated Rooms for Increasing Student Engagement (RISE), which are general assignment classrooms equipped with advanced instructional technology to support various modes of teaching, including remote instruction. The website includes training videos for equipment operation as well as pedagogy functions.   

  • RISE Pedagogical Support: Ongoing pedagogical support is provided by XCITE. XCITE is available upon request to assist instructors should they have issues with teaching modality in designated RISE rooms.
  • RISE Technical Support: Ongoing technical support is provided by the ITS Multimedia team. In the event technology in a RISE classroom is broken or experiencing performance issues, the instructor can request technical support and a member of the ITS Multimedia team will be immediately dispatched to the classroom to resolve the issue or provide alternate equipment. In the event functional support is needed, the Multimedia team will route the request to the XCITE team.
Additional IT resources
  • ITS.UCR.EDU/FACULTY: IT quick links for faculty working remotely
  • ITHELP.UCR.EDU: The IT service portal where users can search for answers in the knowledge base, submit a support ticket, request a service, and download software
  • TECHALERTS.UCR.EDU: Live updates concerning planned system maintenance and reported service disruptions or outages 
  • ITS.UCR.EDU/SOFTWARE: Instructions for faculty and students on how to access and use the Software Catalog to download available course software  
  • UCR.APPORTO.COM: UCRs virtual computer lab where available course software can be accessed remotely without the need to download applications
  • ITS.UCR.EDU/LOAN2LEARN: Students in need of off-campus access to a learning device are invited to apply to the ITS Loan2Learn program to receive a loaner device, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or headset
  • ITS.UCR.EDU/RESEARCH-COMPUTING: Research computing information and resources for researchers, including storage, software, data management, and training and consulting