Student Research and Publications



  • Ph.D. candidate Tejpaul Singh Bainiwal has written an article entitled “The Pen, the Keyboard, and Resistance: Role of Social Media in the Farmers’ Protest” for the Journal of Sikh and Punjab Studies, Global Institute for Sikh Studies, 2022. Vol. 29 (1&2 – Spring-Fall 2022).
  • Ph.D. student J Selke’s work has been accepted to this year’s National Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in the Religion and Popular Culture Unit. Paper forthcoming.
  • Ph.D. candidate Kori Pacyniak is a current Sacred Writes training fellow, working on public religious scholarship.
  • Ph.D. candidate Beth Miller presented  initial dissertation work at this year’s Colloquium Speaker Series. Miller’s paper, "Making Machik Labdrön Present:Turning to Media Ecologies in the Study of Inner Asian Biography" examines the Buddhist figure and tantric lineage holder Machik Labdrön.