Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid



The Department for the Study of Religion at UCR admits a small number of graduate students each year in order to offer a focused graduate program that is designed to train advanced students in the critical study of religious traditions through close study with our faculty. Students applying to study in our graduate program are therefore expressing an interest in delving into particular ways of studying religions: through the political, cultural, ideological, and interpretive lenses by which people understand themselves and others.

For more detailed information on how to apply, you can visit the Graduate Division website here

Financial Aid

UCR offers several competitive campus-wide fellowships to the strongest graduate students. To be fully considered for fellowship support, applications must be received by the Department for the Study of Religion by the departmental deadline.

In addition to competitive fellowships, most doctoral students and some master’s students will have the opportunity to serve as Teaching Assistants for undergraduate classes offered by the Department of Religious Studies. Fellowship students and teaching assistants are also eligible for health benefits from the University.

For more information about financial support from the Graduate Division, see their website.